Euroguard SE III

Euroguard SE III is the top-quality security solution for items requiring high insurance protection, e.g. cash, jewellery and valuables. The threewalled construction with integrated drill and cutting-torch protection provides the highest resistance. Class instead of mass is what it’s all about. The intelligent safe design reduces surface area and weight. Eight versions to choose from, with volumes ranging from 78 to 760 litres for double-door variants.

Burglary protection
  • Resistance grade III (ECB•S / VdS) (80/120 RU)
  • Three-walled safe body
  • Special filling and reinforced wall for the highest resistance grades.
  • Three-walled door with drill and cutting torch protection
  • Drill-proof manganese armour around the lock
  • Three-sided locking system using 40 mm solid round steel locking bolts
  • Solid steel locking bolts prevent levering of the door when hinge bands are cut off.
  • Additional protection for all locking devices.
External monitoring
  • Basic version includes a pre-drilled cable opening and two mounting plates (casing door) for seismic detectors.
Burglar alarm system (BAS)
  • Preparation for BAS equipment to be mounted on safe and connected to a VdS approved burglar-alarm control centre.
Fire protection
  • Insulation of the safe body with special fire resistant concrete.
  • Double fire resistant edge on all four side of the door
  • Fibreglass sealing